Saturday, December 29, 2012

Winding another year in real estate....

...and reflecting on the wonderful events that have occurred in 2012!  Business really took off for me this year, my third as a Realtor.  I was busy starting in January and only slowed down long enough to take a break for Christmas.

2013With roughly $2,000,000 in sales volume this year, I am very thankful to have earned a great income, which has benefited my family immensely.

I am even more thankful still for the many new clients I gained these last 12 months.  Some of these amazing people have become dear and treasured friends - this is an unexpected and heart-warming "side effect" of being in this business, I am discovering.  My life is richer for having met them, and I will forever be appreciative of the honor and opportunity I have been given in helping them take such a big step in their lives.  This is a very rewarding "job", indeed!

Wishing you all great success, prosperity, friendship, and love in 2013 - make it your BEST year EVER!


Monday, May 28, 2012

Some people are just born heroes

Some people are just born heroes.

They devote their lives to the greater good, they make personal sacrifices to protect those around them, they go out of their way to do for others, and they are firm in what they believe is the right way to live their lives.

Take my friend, Cindy, for example.  A single parent in Wadsworth, Ohio, Veteran of the US Air Force, former resident of the military tent cities populated by service people deployed to the harsh deserts of the Middle East, school volunteer, and all-around great person.  She's outspoken, passionate about the causes she believes in, and is a wonderful friend.  If you need anything, she is questions asked, other than "What can I do to help?"

Wadsworth Ohio veteral flag

So was I surprised to find out that she had taken great steps to find the owner of the seemingly abandoned military flag that she saw at a local antique mall?

Not a bit.

True to Cindy's style, she left no stone unturned in her search for its rightful owner, and made sure that it was quickly returned to the folks who lost it several years ago.  She completed their family and filled the once-gaping hole that was left when the flag disappeared during a move.

No doubt, Cindy is a hero to several more people these days.

Read the article telling the whole heart-warming story here:

Wishing you all a safe Memorial Day!

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Friday, March 30, 2012

And they were told it couldn't be done!

"Not at your age!"

"Why would you want to even try?  What a waste of time!"

"Don't you watch the news?  No one's getting a loan these days!"

"What are you THINKING??!!??"

These are the things my most recent buyers were probably told by their well-meaning friends and family, no doubt.  I mean, really, why would ANYONE who reads the news try to buy a house these days, when you're in your early 20s, married for just a year, and have a child to think about?  Why risk making such a big investment, especially when you're so young?  Why not just rent for another three or four years, THEN try to buy a home?

Well, rebels that they are, didn't let any negative nellies deter them!  They had been responsible with their credit habits and respectful of the value of their hard-earned money.   Why SHOULD they keep paying rent to a landlord month after month?  Why SHOULDN'T they pursue their dreams to be owners of a home of their own?

And so they found me, and we started their home search!  And only three houses in, they found "THE ONE".  It was well-priced a short sale in great condition that they offered on LAST JUNE, with no response from the seller until the middle of JANUARY.

"Are you sure you don't want to visit some other houses, just to see what else is out there?", I said to them on more than one occasion.

"No, we love this house, and we're happy to wait and see what happens.", they always replied.

Rittman OH home for sale

After months and months with little or no response to our inquiries regarding any progress that was (hopefully) being made, I'm pretty sure they must have been about ready to give up...but now I think that we're ALL a bit surprised at how things have turned out!

We are all very happy that this wonderful family received the keys to their dream house last night!

There is definitely a lesson or two to be learned from these wise young adults:

Patience is DEFINITELY a virtue....and all good things come to those who are DILIGENT and RESPONSIBLE.

For you teenagers and young (or older!) adults who see the media people report that home ownership isn't possible for you, this amazing couple has proven the naysayers ALL WRONG....and they did it with 0% down AND received a sweet check at the closing table!

It isn't a "miracle" - it is called "behaving responsibly".  Be smart with your earnings and mindful of your credit habits, and good things will come your way!

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