Monday, May 28, 2012

Some people are just born heroes

Some people are just born heroes.

They devote their lives to the greater good, they make personal sacrifices to protect those around them, they go out of their way to do for others, and they are firm in what they believe is the right way to live their lives.

Take my friend, Cindy, for example.  A single parent in Wadsworth, Ohio, Veteran of the US Air Force, former resident of the military tent cities populated by service people deployed to the harsh deserts of the Middle East, school volunteer, and all-around great person.  She's outspoken, passionate about the causes she believes in, and is a wonderful friend.  If you need anything, she is questions asked, other than "What can I do to help?"

Wadsworth Ohio veteral flag

So was I surprised to find out that she had taken great steps to find the owner of the seemingly abandoned military flag that she saw at a local antique mall?

Not a bit.

True to Cindy's style, she left no stone unturned in her search for its rightful owner, and made sure that it was quickly returned to the folks who lost it several years ago.  She completed their family and filled the once-gaping hole that was left when the flag disappeared during a move.

No doubt, Cindy is a hero to several more people these days.

Read the article telling the whole heart-warming story here:

Wishing you all a safe Memorial Day!

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