Monday, January 10, 2011

Fresh snowfall creates a GREAT opportunity for updated photos!

If you're an Ohio Real Estate Agent like me, you may have listings with photos that were taken WAYYYYY back when there were still leaves on the trees.  For those of us in the Greater Akron and Medina area, that means a good couple of months have passed since those photos were taken!

So, what to do when your listing shows images that are clearly out-of-date?


1. Get your hiney into some heavy pants, warm fuzzy socks, and Arctic-worthy boots

2. Make your way to the garage and warm up the car

3. Drive to those listings, and......

4. Snap yourself some fresh pics!

That's what I did last week and today...although the grey skies didn't make for the best photos.

The cutest one was of the trees and small shed in the backyard for my listing at 1056 Oak Street in Medina, Ohio ....see?

So, alas, I will find myself venturing out again once the blue skies reappear....I just hope that happens sometime between now and April!

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