Tuesday, January 11, 2011

There's a snow storm a'comin' to Wadsworth, Ohio!

Yep, ANOTHER storm system is making its way across the Heartland and is creeping into Wadsworth, Ohio as I'm typing this.

The view during the last storm was quite beautiful, as evidenced by the photo I took early in the morning, while the kids were all still blissfully asleep, not even aware that they would have already been up and getting ready for school, had the Superintendent not called in a snow day an hour earlier.

Most certainly, come about 7:00 tonight, my youngest will be wearing his PJs backards AND inside out (yes, BOTH....just for good measure!), carefully tucking a spoon under his pillow, and carefully placing three (not two....not four....THREE!) ice cubes in the kids' bathroom toilet upon retiring for the evening, full of hope that school will be cancelled for a fourth day this school year due to inclement weather.

Exactly how will things play out in the next 18 hours? Hard to say. The latest weather reports are saying that anywhere between 4 and 7 inches will fall by tomorrow morning in the Northeast Ohio / Medina County region. Good thing I'm fully stocked on hot cocoa!

For those in the path of the storm, please be safe! And don't forget to think of your elderly neighbors during inclement weather! Take some time to shovel a safe walking path to their porch and garage, and clear their portions of the public walks so that they don't have to venture out to do it themselves. Your efforts will be appreciated more than you know!

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