Monday, May 23, 2011

Carlisle says "Yep, it is another rainy day in Wadsworth, Ohio!"

Carlisle the Cat, our resident weather forecaster, likes monitoring the rainfall in our backyard here in Wadsworth, Ohio

He was content to peer out at the drizzle descending (and the grass ASCENDING!), until he noticed that I was hoping to snap a photo of him doing it. 

Now, he's moved on to another window that is far away where I'm much less likely to hinder his enjoyment of nature!

Carlisle predicts strong thunderstorms with possible damaging winds and hail this afternoon and evening, and into tomorrow, as well.  He advises that you secure your outdoor furniture and park your cars under shelter for the next two days, and that you plan on NOT being able to mow your yards until probably the weekend!

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